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Letters I’ll Never Send is a creation-based piece of theatre that asks for submissions from you. Imagine one person in your life (past, present or future). Write anonymously and with as much passion and energy as you are willing to give. These letters will be used in the final staging of Letters I’ll Never Send as a part of Alberta Culture Days in September. All submissions will be used anonymously and any identifying names, details and/or descriptions will be altered for anonymity's sake. Any questions regarding how to submit, or how the letters will be used can be directed to Tahnia Getson ( 


You are tasked with writing a letter. This letter can be of any nature; it can be funny, sad, happy, angry, whatever you see fit. These will be used as the basis of our first set of scenes, they will be performed in some aspect in the final show. These letters should be letters you have never written, or sent previously. Do not be scared to delve deep. 


  1. Pick a moment in your life that you feel has shaped you in some way.

  2. Pick a person within that moment. 

  3. Write to them. Write impulsively. Write non-judgmentally. 

  4. Allow the letter to be as long as it needs to be.

Let’s Work Together

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