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Roxanne: Treasurer 2021

Who are you? 

Such a loaded question to begin with.

I am an artist, entrepreneur and volunteer. I am a Canadian woman of European descent from Northern Alberta. I am a child of agriculture, industry and liberal arts.

What does community mean for you?

Community is a local framework of supportive individuals and institutions with a vested interest in the greater good. It is both family and infrastructure, friends and resources.

What did you learn in the last year that you are excited to bring forward?

Last year I learned that there is an appetite in our city for a new vision of accessible theater.

I hope to continue to foster the growth of Cavalcade into something that provides this community with an equal-opportunity outlet for youth and those who feel disenfranchised by the lack of priority placed on the arts in this region.

What are you most excited about in the year ahead?

Creating an institution that offers that sense of close community is what drives me to continue with Cavalcade. I hope to help build our company into an amplifier for lesser-heard perspectives.

What is a fun fact or story you'd like to share?

My first meaningful exposure to theatre was with a junior-high production of Jesus Christ Superstar at my Catholic school. That experience helped to form many important values I hold today but the most important is that anything worth doing is likely to ruffle some dusty feathers.

What about Cavalcade makes you most excited?

Exploring new ways to bring theatre to a community with limited opportunities in theatre.

If you could write a show about ANYTHING, what would it be? 

I'm hoping to slow roast a tale about the fallouts of my personal psycho-medical journey.

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