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Meet Roxanne!

Roxie has been doing theatre around Grande Prairie for quite some time! Roxie is also an incredibly talented and accomplished musician, tattoo artist and painter! We are so incredibly grateful to have Roxie on our team!

Who are you? 

Hi, my name is Roxanne. I've been going by Roxie since the first time I saw the film adaptation of Chicago.

What does theatre mean for you? 

Theatre, to me, is about self-expression and discovery. Through the characters and stories we take in, each of us has an opportunity to see ourselves through a new perspective. In turn, we learn to understand each other. 

Who/What got you involved in theatre? 

My first authentic experience with theatre came with a pet-project of Jesus Christ Superstar put together by my junior high drama teacher, Don Segberg. His devotion to the project affected me in a way that would cement theatre, in my mind, as a profoundly constructive process capable of having a long standing impact on a community. What continues to compel my interest in theatre is the passion shared between members of the artistic community and theatre patrons alike.

What project have you worked on that you are insanely proud of? 

Is it possible to be most proud of a project that has yet to be completed? Details will have to be updated at a later time. What I'm most proud of is creating works of art that inspire others to express themselves to allow them to feel that there is greater depth to the world around them.

What is a fun fact or story you'd like to share? 

Fun fact about me is that while I have no real dance experience, I learned how to follow choreography by figure skating for six years as a teenager. 

What about Cavalcade makes you most excited?

I'm most excited to make a difference for hopeless youth. Growing up in Northern Alberta, many expressive kids are given too few creative outlets. As something I struggled with as a young person growing up, I think it's important to foster artistic expression where it's lacking so that we can have colorful and robust communities. 

If you could pop up a show ANYWHERE what would it be? 

If I could spring a show on someone anywhere, it would be a dramatic reenactment of one of Edgar Allen Poe's comedic stories or poems; one where the audience member(s) would be duped into playing the part of the narrator, unsuspecting of the incredible surprise that awaits in the plot unfolding before them. 

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