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Meet Juanita!

Who Are You?

Who. Are. You.

Well to start, my name is Juanita. Many people know me as the Mask Maker or Moth Stone. I am an Artist and creator of The Imaginarium. Extrovert and a recluse all in one. I’ve been creating masks for 15 years and making art pretty much since forever.

What does theatre mean to you?

Theatre means freedom to me. When I think of the word Theatre my breath catches, my heart races and my fingers tingle. It is the absolute freedom to be, to create, to exist as anything you can dream up of.

Who/What got you involved in theatre?

I had been in plays at a very young age. My mother would make my costumes and I always loved watching her make them from whatever she could find in our home. When I got older it was the behind the scenes madness and chaos, the backgrounds, set designs, the props and the costumes that intrigued me. That’s the part that became magic to me.

What project have you worked on that you are insanely proud of?

My Cult Film Collection that I had at the Centre for Creative Arts. It was my first venture back into the mask world after having my fourth child and I honestly didn’t know if it would go over well or if I could even accomplish it with four kids underfoot. I created around 50 masks and it was so much fun making them and having my kids throw in their ideas for mask creations.

What is a fun fact or story you would like to share?

Fun fact about me is that I am also a witch.

What about Cavalcade makes you the most excited?

Everything! The forging of a new path in Theatre for up North. The creative drive behind it. The fringe aspect of it. The idea of travelling shows and outdoor shows. When Cavalcade came up on my Instagram I felt instantly connected to it. I can’t even explain it.

If you could pop up a show ANYWHERE what would it be?

Sorry if this sounds cliché but it would be Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is my favourite play. I seen it once in Hawrelak Park for their Shakespeare Festival and I have never forgotten it…Wait, also The Labyrinth. Can you imagine the set designs for that? The costumes? The props? Do I have to choose? Did you just feel that zing in your fingertips? Most definitely The Labyrinth.

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