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Meet Ben!

Who are you?

I am Ben. What is it you want here? I'm in no mood for your existential questions!

Ben has been doing theatre in the Grande Prairie and Peace Region for the last four years! Prior to stepping on stage, he studied theatre in an academic setting! He has his Masters of Arts from the University of Lethbridge where he studied the writings of Eugene O'Neill!

What does theatre mean to you?

Theatre is an escape outlet for me. I've always had a problem with "overthinking" everything, but being on stage forces you to live in the moment. I also adore how theatre is a form of live collaborative storytelling; the author, cast, crew and even the audience members all have a part to play in making the story come to life.

What got you involved in theatre? 

I spent a lot of time during my university studies reading drama and analyzing it. Being on stage had been a pipe dream of mine, but I didn't actually get involved in any sort of theatre until much later in life. I saw a casting call for show on a weekend I wasn't busy and decided to go out. It really can be that easy!

What project have you worked on that you are insanely proud of?

I'll say my first production, Building Madness, by Kate Danley. It definitely hasn't been my own best work, but I'm still very proud of how far outside my comfort zones it took me.

What is a fun fact or story you'd like to share?

I probably should have gotten involved in theatre much younger. I've always had a performative streak. So much so (and my sister loves to make fun of me for this), that I used to watch myself talking at the dinner table in the window that was across from my seat.

What about Cavalcade makes you most excited?

My own belief is that theatre is inherently political, which means that our choice of productions is also inherently political. As a result, I'm excited to help bring more live theatre to the Peace Region, especially since the company is so focussed on minority voices and unusual work. By helping to make those voices heard, Cavalcade is making our region more welcoming and more inclusive for everyone.

If you could pop up any show what would it be? 

David Henry Hwang's M. Butterfly. Unfortunately, the realities of the script mean I'll never get to stage it. Good theatre shows its audience something new about itself every time it is seen or read, and M. Butterfly continues to deliver that to me, even many years later.

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