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Juanita: Member at Large 2021

Who Are You?

I am known as the Mask Maker. I am a self-taught artist who brings imagination to life using my own

unique technique of mask making. I make a variety of art pieces using polymer clay, acrylics and other

mixed media including upcycled materials. I have displayed and sold my work through many successful

exhibitions, wearable art shows, theatre plays, variety shows, local shops and festivals. My work allows

me to explore and create in new ways each time and invites the viewer to see themselves in a new light.

A shedding of their society mask and delving into their own imaginations.

I am also a Mother to four incredibly amazing children that inspire me everyday.

What does community mean to you?

Community means family to me. It’s a place where you support each other, look out for each other, build with each other. A place where you can come together and know that you are in a safe, understanding & a non judgement zone.

Who/What got you involved in theatre?

I had been in plays at a very young age through our school. My mother would make my costumes and I always loved watching her make them from whatever she could find in our home. When I got older it was the behind the scenes madness and chaos, the backgrounds, set designs, the props and the costumes that intrigued me. That’s the part that became magic to me.

What did you learn in the last year that you are excited to bring forward?

The process of letting go. That nothing is in your control. There is a certain amount of freedom in

realizing this.

What are you most excited for the year ahead?

I am looking forward to the upcoming exhibitions and festivals that I have planned with The

Imaginarium. I am also very excited about our fundraising events that we have planned with CTC.

What is a fun fact or story you would like to share?

Fun fact about me is that I am also a witch.

What about Cavalcade makes you the most excited?

Everything! The forging of a new path in Theatre for up North. The creative drive behind it. The fringe

aspect of it. The idea of travelling shows and outdoor shows. When Cavalcade came up on my Instagram

I felt instantly connected to it. I can’t even explain it.

If you could write a story about ANYTHING what would it be?

I would write a story for the MMIWG2s. The violence against indigenous women I have seen first hand

and it happens every day here in the North. Not enough is being done to protect nor find our


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